Modern Fit

The new traditional look.  

  • The jacket is slightly trimmed through the shoulder; fits closer to the chest and body; has slightly higher armholes.  

  • The pants are slimmer fit through the seat and thigh.

  • Waistband sits slightly below waist.  

Jackets come with following waist sizes:


36S/30W, 36R/30W, 38S/32W, 38R/32W, 38L/32W, 40S/34W, 40R/34W, 40L/34W, 42S/36W, 42R/36W, 42L/36W, 44S/38W, 44R/38W, 44L/38W, 46S/40W, 46R/40W, 46L/40W, 48S/42W, 48R/42W, 48L/42W, 50S/44W, 50R/44W, 50L/44W, 52R/46W, 52L/46W, 54R/50W, 54R/50W